Alla Salute! Welcome to the 70's, what has to be The Tackiest Decade in the History of Civilization. In EAT IT OR WEAR IT we are looking back through the harvest gold haze to visit with the Milanos, a most decidedly politically incorrect family living in the shadow of Rt. 1, where the neon always shines and plastic cows dot the landscape. The Milanos illustrate that when you believe in the power of big hair, shag carpeting and the punctuation of a slamming door, you really don't have to be fazed by the fickle demands of modern society. Come cook with the family and soon you will see that truth is stranger than fiction (you'd be hard pressed to make this stuff up), you can stylishly decorate your home exclusively from things that have fallen off the back of a truck, and everything tastes better with cooked in a little garlic.
'EAT IT OR WEAR IT' is the story of a girl and her mom, two brothers from the old country, a saint, a beauty queen, a reform school drop-out, and a delicious serving of Lobster Fra Diavolo. So pull a chair, fire up the stove, rake the shag, belt out the Pagliacci, pull on the white go-go boots and crank up the Nancy Sinatra, because we're going to have some fun. Believe it baby, shag is back!

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