The Second Coming
What Rough Beast is Slouching Towards Washington?

With its violent, sand parched, biblical imagery, Yeat's, 'The Second Coming' has become the lazy man's go-to poem to illustrate the war in Iraq. But long before current dramas it was a popular place to borrow/steal imagery for many artists. Joan Didion and Joni Mitchell were two of the better known artists to be inspired by Yeats poem. 'Everyone steals from Yeats', my friend Kevin said when he saw me reading Didion's 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem' one Thanksgiving and pointed me in the direction of the real thing. Now that Kevin is gone I wanted to make a Second Coming jacket for his son Abe. First time I have made a jacket as a gift. It's hard not to be carried away while using the violent, apocalyptic, birth of the Antichrist themes, and to tell you the truth I haven't tried that hard. Rush Limbaugh stars as the rough beast slouching towards Washington, while the CNN poll weighs in with 77% of some mysterious set of viewers calling Barack Obama The Antichrist.

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