No Niggers No Dogs
Sammy Still Hasn't Come in From the Road

I was never an overly big fan of Sammy Davis Jr. Never really gave him a whole lotta thought. Then one day I heard an African American folk singer say he was tired of being the only chip in this cookie. So funny, so true. Made me think of Sammy a little differently. It dawned on me that his career, that started on the road dancing between his father and uncle at the age of 3, chronicled American History of the 20th Century (and not the After School Special version.)

Here is my favorite example of Sammy coming in the door sideways, it is from Norman Lear's 'All in the Family'.

Archie: Now, no prejudice intended, but I always check with the bible on these here things. I think that, I mean if God had meant for us to be together he'd a put us together. But look what he done. He put you over in Africa, and put the rest of us in the white countries.

Sammy Davis Jr.: Well they must of told'em where we were because somebody came and got us.

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