My Unique Change
The Life and Times of Hedy Joe Star

This jacket is a tribute to Miss Hedy Jo Star, costumer to the stars and the recipient of the first transsexual procedure in the United States. Formally known as Carl Hammonds of Oklahoma, Miss Star was pushing the gender envelope long before we knew there was a gender envelope to push. My mom took me to Miss Star's studio when I was 8 or 9 years old and I have to say it was a defining moment in my life. I was allowed to root through all the rhinestones and tassels, feathers and lame till I was dizzy. At the back of the studio there was a wall of 8x10 glossies, all autographed by each performer and given to Miss Star, thanking her for their glam outfits. Elvis was up there. So was Ann Margaret. But more importantly to me, every stripper and burlesque star seems to have had a Miss Star original strapped across the Holy Trinity at one time or another. Hell, even at 8 I knew that I wanted to wear cast offs from Cher and Miss Ann Margaret! So this jacket is an excuse to use rhinestones and pasties and a big thank you to Miss Hedy Jo Star, no longer of Oklahoma, who is responsible for my continuing love of lowbrow beauty.

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