Grip n' Grin
Elvis at the White House

This stranger than fiction story begins with The King running away from home 4 days before Christmas. He had gotten into it with Priscilla when she informed him he had to cut out spending so much on all those guns and Cadillacs. So off he heads to the airport and gets himself onto an American Airlines flight to our nation's Capital with the beginnings of a plan. Mid-flight Elvis asks the stewardess for a pen and composes a 2 page letter to President Nixon asking for a meeting at the White House to discuss the 'Drug Problem'. In D.C. Elvis leaves the note at the White House gates, and ultimately an appointment is made for Elvis to meet the President the following day. Only The King can arrive at the White House, tweeked on a vast assortment of pharmaceuticals and dressed in TCB jewelry and a purple paisley velvet suit and cape, confident that President Nixon is going to name him the new Drug Czar. He even managed to hustle up an official badge or two in the process. Oh yeah, and Elvis brought a gun as a gift for Nixon. As your mama used to say, 'God protects the delusional.'

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