Ayn Rand
Go Big or Go Home

I so wanted to be Ayn Rand when I was 16. Jesus Christ, I was going to have a big brain and get the hell out of Topsfield, Massachusetts and land in New York to take care of business! Then I would be just like the characters in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. When I wasn't running a railroad while smoking endless cigarettes like Dagny Taggart, I'd been designing skyscrapers like Howard Roark or having vaguely violent sex like Dominique Falcon. Woo Hoo. It wasn't until a few years down the road that I realized that there was a problem with this plan. First of all I would have to be a Republican. Second, Ayn Rand, while a genius, was a loon. This is probably why we all wanted to be Dagny Taggart when we were 20 not 30. Howard Roark probably shouldn't have blown up that building. Dominique should probably have gone into therapy. And John Galt was probably a little too hard core to be considered a good date. All that being said, I did read Rand at 16 and this jacket is a tribute to the smart angry Jewish girl from Soviet Russia who enchanted all us restless type-A teenagers.

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